Elpoint: Yet another presentation tool on Emacsen

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Elpoint is a presentation tool which runs on Emacs.

What's New

2002/01/21 0.2.0 - Fixed bugs, Added outline processor.
2002/01/21 Registered to SourceForge.
2002/01/11 0.1.1 - Fixed bugs.
2002/01/08 0.1.0.





Newest version is 0.2.0.



Add following line to your .emacs.
(require 'ept-setup)
If you installed kochi font using (*1), font setting is also done by above.

If you want to use a font other than kochi font, add following lines to your .emacs

(setq ept-use-kochi nil)
(require 'ept-setup)
and add your own font setting like ept-kochi-x.el. ept-setup is just a sample setting. You can also setup Elpoint without ept-setup.

Basically, presentations are written by emacs lisp. If you C-x C-f (find-file) a file with '.ept' suffix , the buffer becomes `ept-mode' (which is derived from emacs-lisp-mode).

Also, a simple presentation can be created from outline mode text.

See the sample presentations to know the presentation syntax of Elpoint.

There are some sample presentation files in the samples/ directory of the package.

To play the sample presentation, enter M-x ept-play-file and input above filename.

Likewise, you can play them by entering M-x ept-play-buffer (C-c C-e for .ept file) in the buffer after find-file. the presentation starts from the page under the cursor point if you enter C-u M-x ept-play-buffer (C-u C-c C-e in .ept file).


See CVS document on SourceForge. modulename is "Elpoint" (Note that first letter 'E' is upper case).
ViewCVS is here.


Yuuichi Teranishi<teranisi@gohome.org>